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Our Applications

We believe in enabling change, and driving independent improvement that's why we have built two applications to help you enter, and perform well in Aerospace, Defence and Space sectors.

With AS9100 Certification you can enter the Aerospace, Defence and Space sectors, win work, grow your order book, and improve your revenue

AeroXL is a digital platform to help people like you understand, implement, and audit an AS9100 Quality Management System.

The secret to maintaining or growing a great business is to keep your customers happy. The only way to sustain this is to continually improve, but it can be hard to get the right advice, at the right time, and the right cost to please you.

ProgressXL is a digital platform designed to help you improve your performance across key areas of your business such as strategy, execution, quality, efficiency, and delivery. In fact 9 key areas. It is 100% online and accessible from any internet ready device.

Our Solution

We believe that technology offers you the flexibility you need to make changes whilst running a busy operation. Get what you need when you need it, at your convenience.

What If We Could Bottle Our Expertise?

Access Any Time, Any Where

At Midaero, lots of our clients have to balance meeting with our consultants and trainers with their day job. That creates a problem, we live in a world that is changing fast. We know that you have to put your customer first, but improving is important to and so you don’t want to cancel. That often causes the meeting to lose focus.

There has to be a better way, right? We think we have found it!

Turning our successful consultancy into an online resource takes convenience to a new level. You can access what you need from us at anytime, night or day, week or weekend. You don’t have to work around us, and you don’t have the dilemma of cancelling meetings and losing money. However, you do get what you need, when you need it. You can still gain that certification, make that improvement, get that training. It’s just that doing it is so much more valuable this way.

Personal Advisor

Our system just analyses the answers you give to a simple assessment, and then it prioritises improvements for you. It then offers you everything you need to know and do to take advantage of the opportunity to improve. It’s like your own personal advisor that is always available on your desktop.


Unlike most business software that is contracted out to software developers who don’t understand our markets, we built this in-house at our Aerospace Consultancy, Midaero. It is based on our experience of working with OEMs and Primes, and consulting to the SME market. We have also owned and operated an AS9100 Certified Aerospace Supplier so we know what its like on the other end of Supplier Development.

ProgressXL Dashboard

Our Dashboard shows you all you need to know about your performance, and any gaps that you should close. We give you suggestions and all the resources you need to close them.

The ratings are generated by our algorithm ‘SQEDL’, this is your risk and prioritisation engine. It works out the things that are likely to create the most improvement and tells you about those first.

What's included?

Everything you need to get certified, or improve your performance, or both
Comprehensive Asssessment100%
Performance Ratings100%
Training Courses100%
Documentation, procedures, and policies100%
Lean Tools & Training100%
Certification Implementation Support100%

See How We Work

Our Experience

Customer Satisfaction
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What Our Clients Say
  • During acquisitions, divestitures and exits, Doug and his team have repeatedly provided us with great advice about all kinds of manufacturing supply chain practices, and regulatory requirements.

    Steve Taylor
    IP Exit
  • Midaero have helped us unlock the ingenuity, and expertise of our people. This has increased engagement with our objectives, and driven improvements in productivity across our manufacturing, and support processes. Doug & Anna fit into the team seamlessly.

    Matt Tongue
    Union Fasteneners
  • The guys at Midaero have helped us understand where we are going, and have delivered a plan to get us there. We feel that with their help we are unlocking our potential and are meeting our organisational objectives; especially on cost reductions, and efficiency improvements

    Stewart Dudwell
    NDT Midlands
  • Anna really helped us to understand the intricacies of AS9100. This was our first accreditation and it was great to have consultants that made it very simple to understand. We really appreciate the way Midaero managed our audit with BSI. We are now well prepared for the aerospace market.

    Darren Pemberton
    Pemberton Engineering
  • Doug helped us to strategise our new venture when we committed to an MBO. The insight helped to understand risks, and how we could add value to an already successful business. Also helped us understand how to make the most of our outstanding workforce and assets.

    Neil Croft
    Paragon Engineering
  • Your Management System is exceptionally well documented within a clear and detailed set of policies, procedures, documents and records. These are all referenced within a Manual that is simple and easy to follow through the various requirements of the standard.

    British Standards Institute
    Quality Systems Auditor


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